This past weekend we had an assortment of odd requests in the showroom. It’s cherry season here and since our name is Sour Cherry Pottery we get our fair share of new Canadians that don’t read or speak English so well. Do you have sour cherries for sale? No! Can we pick our own sour cherries? No! Where are the cheekans? What chickens I answer????? Poultry, Sour Cherry Poultry!!!!
If we buy a tray set without the bowls will it be cheaper? No! If I order a casserole without a lid will it be cheaper? No! Will you teach my grand daughter how to make pottery today? No! Can I use the toilet in your house? No! It is no wonder I like a stiff bourbon at the end of the day!!! Retail has driven many greater men than me to drink.


claygrl said…
Only one stiff bourbon? After a day like that, please pass me the bottle.
Anonymous said…
You mean it's not Sour Cherry

I was hoping you were a bard and could recite a few poems, tells us a couple of stories and maybe sing a song or two?
Anonymous said…
I really enjoy reading your blogs. It brightens my day when I see you have posted. Thanks and keep it up.

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