Good taste!

I'm a man of filet mignon taste and a hamburger budget. I like a few fine things in my other wise basic life. I like a good pocket knife. Gotta carry one or else I feel something is missing. It's amazing how many uses I find for a knife in a given day. I just ordered a Ken Onion Chive black on black which was voted the knife of the year. I like a good hat and the one I'm sporting is a Borsalino. I have two actually! One I bought many years ago in a store of 50,000 hats in Nashville, TN. It was the only hat in the store that would fit my big head and of course it was the most expensive in the store. It is being cleaned and blocked. Gotta love that hat that has kept my nogin protected and dry thru wood firings and snow storms. My latest I purchased in Sienna, Italy and it is rather a mafia don kinda hat.
I like real Kentucky bourbon and Woodford- Reserve is what I treat myself to when I'm feeling flush. I have a whiskey bottle in the Brown Foreman Collection down there in Louisville pronounced Low a ville or some such thing.
Here is a shout out to Shane Norrie for being on the winners podium at the Toronto Outdoor Exhibition. A hard show to get into and even harder to end up with the brass ring. Congrats, Shane! Fight big fighter, fight!!!


Togeika said…
What do you actually have for a knife in your pocket Tony? That one in your picture is too pretty for everyday. Sorta like pearl handled pistols.
I have a Cold Steel Tanto my son gave me for my birthday about 20 years ago that I mostly use to open letters, and a good folding tactical SOG I use in the studio.
But in my pocket I carry a Gerber Ultralite. On my belt, Gerber Multipliers. I prefer the Gerber Multitool over the Leatherman, because you can open the pliers one handed
When I left for Japan in '99, I could take both into the cabin on the plane. When I came back, you couldn't carry toothpaste or shampoo, except in little see thru plastic bottles. I hate the idea that I can't carry my metal pottery tools in the cabin. Whiskey: Shimaoka was delayed a week, getting back from Manhattan. He was there at a show opening when 9/11 happened. He brought home 25 year old Chivas Regal. The old shokunin asked me if it was any good, and I said it was. They sent for a big bottle of Coca Cola and ice to put it in. I was the only one drinking it on the rocks.
Mr. Young said…
I have carried a pocketknife since my grandfather gave me his father's penknife back in '68. I know how you feel about not having one... you feel that you are not completely dressed. I still have that penknife, but now carry an inexpensive Winchester brand - something like the one you pictured. On the belt I have a 6" Schrade "Scrimshaw" folder, the same shape as the classic Buck folder. When I left Adak, Alaska in '85, I didn't even realize till I got to San Diego that I had traveled the whole way with the Schrade on my belt and a belt buckle that contained a pop out penknife! Great security, eh?
Love the hat by the way, I miss my beat up old Stetson that I had in my 20's. That hat saw a lot of weather.
June Perry said…
My dad taught me to always carry a knife. I have his old one, which is practically worn to the bone. It's my nostalgia knife; but the one that sit in my pant pocket when I'm in the garden or studio, is a Swiss army knife (lots of bells and whistles)and a mini version other times.
studio wendy said…
Ciao, Tony! Hope to see your new digs in Steeltown at some point - looks like you've settled nicely. There's really no point to coming to Niagara Region now! Have just returned from my 3rd workshop at La Meridiana, trying to figure out how to make it my part-time home. Am starting new work myself, taking a break from my velvet Elvis painting of ceramics. Meantime, just wanted to really share that I got to the Borsalino shop by the Trevi Fountain in Rome this year and bought two fine cappelli! Good taste, indeed!

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