Mud and Water Man

I got tired of reclaiming my trimmings and hand building scraps so I made a plaster mold to throw them in to build some nice big wall tiles. I hollow out the back of the tile to make it lighter and I put the scrapings back into the mold for another tile. I have been using a serrated scoop so hence the texture. Since Sheila and I both like to trim at soft cheese this works really well. I put some little piles of crushed walnut shells in the mold so that there will be some pockets of information in the tile. I have always had a fascination for geology and geography so these tiles are like landscapes I have seen from flying on high with a bad meal in front of me and a glass of wine in my hand.
Here is a little video of another mud and water man. Gee a guy that calls himself a potter. What a concept in this world of ceramic artists.


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