Outta Clay

On Sunday, I was outta clay and had to try to find something to do with myself. I made 5 new plaster batts and sat down to read a book my daughter Robin got me for Father's Day entitled "Sh*t My Dad Says". Apparently she thinks I say some pretty crazy sh*t too! Where she got that idea, I'll never know. I sat out in a lawn chair so that if a customer came by I would be handy. I found myself pissin' myself with laughter. I was laughing out loud with tears running down my cheeks. I thought everyone would think I was off my meds so I moved indoors. Take a read of this stuff- too funny!http://twitter.com/shitmydadsays
So today I have clay so I started my day with some rasps that I leave unattended and get about a weeks worth of yummy goodies on my breaky. Off to make some big platters on my new batts. As a matter of interest the split rim on bowls and plates I use as a decorative touch but I understand that it was first incorporated into the rims of useful pots as a moot to be filled with oil so the nasty little critters wouldn't crawl
into your breaky.


Adam Field said…
The split rim on an Onggi jar makes a perfect seat for quartz gravel wadding for the tumble stack.

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