Pacin' the cage

Today is Pinot Grigio Saturday here at Sour Cherry Pottery and there has only been a couple of tire kickers here today. One of the problems with retail is sometimes I feel like Tony the Tiger pacin' the cage. We did have a nice morning coffee visit with a friend and ex-pat Canuck now living in North Carolina and making porcelain- Chris Campbell.
We did get to work on a few experimental pieces that I'm not up to showing just yet and of course we decided if nobody was going to join us we'd have a Pinot Grigio anyways. We never drink alone unless of course we're by ourselves.
Tomorrow we're going to take our shingle down and watch the World Cup Finals. We live in greenhouse and orchard territory so we are surrounded by the Dutch Orange. They have always been resourceful in reclaiming land from the sea and growing stuff. On the other hand my mother in law and late father in law holidayed in Spain for the past 20 years and said it was the most civilized country in the world. They being good Scots didn't mind a wee dram of Brandy and espresso in a bar with the working men before they headed off to work. So I could support my friends and neighbours and go for the Orange but I'm raising the Red in memory of Stan. May he be with his buddies. You go to heaven for the scenery and to hell for the company.


Anonymous said…
Well I think you owe it to yourselves to hoist some cool wine, and lament over the fact that some potter on Ebay thinks he is selling the Holy Grail and RAKU no less!!!

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