Are those my shoes?

Being an inviting little business on a busy street brings in the people wanting donations for yet another great cause. They are all great causes and we would like to give to each and every one of them but there has to be a limit to it! We live by the sword.
When someone enters the showroom with a piece of paper under their arm and doesn't even fake being interested in looking at our showroom I know what's coming. I listen to their opening remarks and say "Are those my shoes?" They look at me and then their shoes and wonder where the hell is this going? I then tell them my "are those my shoes story."
One day I went to our local shoe store to buy a pair of shoes. The long time owner was helping with my shoe selection when a nice young woman entered the store and came up to him and asked if he would donate to her worthy cause. He looked down at her shoes and said "are those my shoes?" He and she knew full well they weren't. He said I give generously to those that wear my shoes.
Away from our business we give to The Scouts, The Sally Ann, The Cancer Society, The Heart and Stroke and on and on. At home we give to all the other local worthy causes.
We have many customers that we donate to each and every year. We are always over the top generous. They buy our shoes! My version of the you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.


Mudpatty said…
Perfect, I love that
Downtown said…
Bravo Tony:

A good story to share.

Michael Kline said…
As they say, "One hand washes the other."

Great story.

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