Pride in Toronto

Last weekend the newspapers were covered with pictures of what appears to have been under cover cops doing a performance art scene of destroying cop cars and smashing windows to take the camera lenses away from 20-30,000 peaceful protesters of the G-20 summit.
Well here is a side of the real Toronto that I love. The most diverse and multi cultural city on the planet. Toronto on Sunday was the scene of the largest Gay Pride Parade in North America. Check out this guys amazing sidewalk chalk art and then the other guy decided to use his body as a canvas for his graffiti.
You know in Toronto we have same sex marriage, a small amount of pot is a misdemeanour not a criminal offense and a woman can go topless if she wants to. I've yet to see that woman!
When I was at Utah State one of my students got caught smoking a joint and got 3 days in jail and a $1000 fine. The young Mexican kid that I had working his soft time off in the ceramics studio got 3 months hard time and 3 months soft cause his parents didn't have the money to pay the $1000.
I do like a tolerant society unless of course that guy parks his tattooed naked butt in front of my pottery "OPEN" sign.


Anonymous said…
It's amazing that the guy with the tattoos can blow up a balloon with his ass.

There might not be much of a job market for it though, unless he is content to work at a Party City type of store.
Anonymous said…
and just why didn't that balloon guy have a voovoo whatchamacallit???

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