Where there is a will

there is a way. One of the things I dislike about my Geil kiln is the digital controller that shuts down the kiln when there is a power outage. Here at the Center of the Universe we often have brown outs in electricity that can last up to several hours. These can be caused by winter storms, thunder and lightning, car accidents and on hot days like this one- too many A/C units being cranked up full bore.
This little AC/DC converter has saved our Canadian bacon many a firing. I either hook it up to the car battery or the one on my man tractor.I highly recommend you keep one handy.
Today the kiln went down right at quartz 1050F. Damn, there is always something to keep you on the alert.


John Post said…
Hey Tony,

How much juice do you need to run the digital controller? They sell power backups for computers at Best Buy. Maybe one of those would do the trick?

Chris said…
Tony, I remember a night in California when all the power was off in my neighborhood. The power went out somewhere between cone 6 and 8. The kiln kept to her normal schedule. I turned her off at 10:15pm. Her only requirement was a bit of gas. My new kiln was built with the same philosophy (minimize the single points of failure). We have finished many a firing with the "lights out". Chris

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