All hat, no cowboy!

They say that it is what's inside that counts. I plan to be outside more! I'm the lucky owner of two Borsalino hats. One I got in Nashville, TN at a place called The House of 50,000 Hats. There was only one hat in there that would fit me and it was a Borsalino. I don't look good in a ball cap and in fact I think it lowered my already low IQ to below average. I think you have to grow into a hat. It takes a certain swagger to don a classy hat. Every man wore a hat in early days. I read that JFK killed the hat because he was so dog gone handsome.
Sheila and I are in a show The Northerners with some of Canada's heavy weights at AKAR Design in Iowa City, Iowa in August AKAR is the best gallery I know of for real pots. Yep, they sell great pots. I hope you will put the show on your calendar and let me know if it's all hat and no cowboy!


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