Where do ya live?

Sheila has been making some ice wine sets. They may have an Oribe historical reference but we live on the wine route, in Niagara and in Canada. Ice wine is very famous in these parts so we don't make sake sets. We make ice wine sets! We also don't try to confuse people with terms like temmoku, kaki, celedon, shino and names that mean absolutely nothing to anyone that isn't a potter. So we have black, green, rust and white. Ain't that easy to understand?
Well if someone is into sushi and sake then they are sake sets. They can be for bourbon if that's your poison. Me, I don't like sushi. They never cook it well enuff for my liking.


Anonymous said…
Oh, so they would be saki sets for us - We like it hot even in summer - eating is done indoors in air condiditoning, anyway! Your sets are wonderful,,,,I love making sushi plates and bowls, and since I don't throw it's always new and different!
Here on the Redneck Riviera there are several sushi places - surprise! I think it is because of the Navy and other bases in the area!
(it's ok to say Redneck Riviera I cleared it with my ex congressman, who now has his own tv show on MSNBC and is from here!)
so, will the sets be chino? which I happen to love!!
Anonymous said…
spell check
FetishGhost said…
Ok... I'm biting. What the heck is a "ice wine" set?

PS. I like the word Chino better anyway.

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